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Meet David

After 35 years of dedicated public service, Fire Chief David “Hutch” Hutcheson retired in 2022 from the Virginia Beach Fire Department. His passion to serve, coupled with his compassion for humanity, is evident in all that he does. Now, Chief Hutch is serving Virginia Beach as City Councilman in District 1. He is up for re-election to City Council in November 2024. 

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About The District

Virginia Beach District 1

Following Councilman Rocky Holcomb’s appointment to serve as the Virginia Beach Sheriff, a Special Election was called to fill his vacancy on City Council. Hutch was elected to finish that term and is now running for a full term on City Council in November 2024. It’s never too early to make your plan to vote. Check your district, update your registration, and more:

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Continuing Public Safety Excellence in Virginia Beach

As a former Virginia Beach Fire Chief with 35 years in public safety, I understand the challenges faced by our essential services. I remain dedicated to championing initiatives that keep our Fire, EMS, Police, E911, and Emergency Management at the forefront of safety. My goal is to ensure every family, in every neighborhood, experiences an even safer environment in our great city.

Ensuring Our Children Have The Very Best Education

Celebrated for hosting some of the finest public schools nationwide, our city, like many others, grapples with a critical shortage of teachers and support staff. We’re not immune to the academic and mental health challenges brought by the pandemic. As an advocate, I am committed to prioritizing funding for public education and placing our children’s needs at the forefront of our educational budget. I firmly believe that supporting our students requires a collective effort, and I am dedicated to being a part of that village, where our shared commitment to addressing these challenges stands at the heart of our city’s educational goals.

Improving Access To Work Force Housing and Affordable Housing

Enhancing access to workforce and affordable housing is a pressing need for the families in Virginia Beach. Each passing year, securing affordable housing becomes more challenging. It’s my staunch belief that our city’s workforce, teachers, and all our citizens should have the fundamental right to a place they can call home in our esteemed city. I am dedicated to addressing this issue and ensuring that Virginia Beach remains a place where everyone, especially those vital to our community, can find affordable housing, fostering a stronger, more inclusive community for all.

Providing Access To Mental Health Services

In my 35 years of service with the Virginia Beach Fire Department, responding to countless mental health crisis calls, alongside my wife’s 30-year tenure as a crisis counselor at Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center and Sentara, I’ve gained profound insight into the critical need for robust mental health services. Leveraging this knowledge, I aim to guide our city towards providing comprehensive mental health assistance, supporting our citizens in various facets of their well-being.

Protecting and Preserving Our Open Spaces

From our beautiful beaches and parks to our vibrant rural community at the southern end of the city, our open spaces are one of Virginia Beach’s most precious assets. A priority for me will be to seek funding for transforming the “old railway /tide line” which runs down the center of our city into a hiking, biking, and community trail from the Virginia Beach/Norfolk city line to the oceanfront.